Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Onion pakoras - Crispy Onion fritters

Onion Pakoras are a famous snack back home. They are available in the best of restaurants or in the street-side stalls and this is where I used enjoy them the most!!! They can be served as a starter, or as a snack or a great party food!

It is getting colder and colder here in Europe. It has been snowing and the temperature hasn't gone above the zero mark for almost 2 weeks now. When it comes to comforting oneself in this weather, the one thing that comes to mind is sipping a hot cup of coffee/tea with something crunchy and spicy. Oh comeon, forget about the oil and fat issues. Once in a while its great to indulge in the pleasure of your senses:)

This weekend I managed to drag the 'lazy me' to the kitchen and make these delicious Onion Pakoras which I had been craving to have for a long time. We had these along with a cup of piping hot 'Masala chai'. Here is my version of how to make them.

Onion 'Pakoras'


2 medium sized onions chopped lengthwise
1 green chilly chopped finely
a handful coriander leaves chopped finely (optional)
a big pinch of aesafoitida
2 tbsp Gram flour/besan
1/2 tbsp white rice flour(addition of rice flour gives a crispy texture)
1/2 tsp Jeera(cumin seeds)
Salt to taste
Oil for deep frying


Mix the flours, jeera seeds and salt well in a mixing bowl. To this add the onions,green chillies and coriander leaves and mix well.

Add very little water(may be around 1 tbsp) and mix well (mixture will be dry).

Drop small portions into hot oil and deep fry, until brown and crisp.

Note: While making onion pakoras, we do not add much water. The mixture is dry.Also, the flour added is very less, so in the mixture the onion pieces are not entirely covered with flour.

Onion 'Pakoras'

Yields: Around 10 Pakoras
Time Required: 20-25 mins

This goes to Sunday Snacks Hot n Spicy event hosted by Pallavi. Thanks pallavi for hosting this event.

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  1. Crispy pakoras with tea or coffee is heaven, looks great, K!

  2. feeling hungry yaar cute and yummy the pakoras are..send one plate here too..

  3. looks crispy and delicious...

  4. I am off to eat the pakodas in Bangalore :-)
    They look delicious and wonderful treatment for cold winters.

  5. Onion pakodas Looks crisp N yum.. awesome click:)

  6. @ Asha, thanks a bunch!You really are so quick and so nice:)I really admire u!

    @Ann, Yes I am sending it to u right away girl. after all what are neighbours for?(i mean neighbour countries);)

    @Sowmya, thanks a lot buddy!thanks for visiting here:)

    @RC,You are making me J with this:)Have a great time in Blore and eat all those pakoras and chats on behalf of me too:)

    @Jaishree,Thanks jaishree for your wonderful comment..keep visiting:)

  7. Love the pakodas with hot masala chai ,perfect for a frigid cold season:)

  8. Pakoras are so tempting keerthana..Its snowing here also..

  9. The perfect tea time snack, looks delicious :-)

  10. It is sooooo cold here, i wish i could get my hands in it. they look so tempting.

  11. @Yasmeen, thanks buddy for dropping by

    @Pavithra, thanks dear. do make some pakoras and masala chai:)i know how this season is, specially for people coming from M!

    @Usha, thanks Usha as always for ur lovely comment

    @Vibaas, thanks buddy!put ur hand into the screen and u will get it:)

    @Mrs.Kannan, thanks for dropping by space..good to find another foodie. keeping visiting:)

  12. Your pictures says its yummy yummy...
    Superb photo...

  13. mmm. looks so mouth-watering! Have a great weekend.

  14. @Swapna, thanks a lot buddy!

    @Uma, thanks dear. You too have a great weekend!


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